Rooms available

Premimum Room 5,500

A comfort zone for the executive on move: a well laid out space for relaxation and loaded on amenities for entertainment; the 60 odd rooms also provide for a work desk and a Wi-Fi connect. Enjoy your'me' time or work up the night with deadlines; you sure will feel the comfort of home away from home.

Club Room 6,500

It's a double bonanza of understated luxury and warm comfort of thoughtful service. About 18 of them in all room for your partner amongst other in-house facility makes sure your work holiday is pleasurable truly club class. Let your work desk convert into flexi office.

Suite Room 9,000

Plush and luxurious, these 6 well appointed suites are a dream place to be. The warm hues add coziness to the spacious rooms exuding peace and calm in this private haven. Designated place for living, dining and relaxation for your family with necessary amenities like Wi-Fi, direct dialing and service.

Club Suite / Valentine Suite 12,000

Lavish and spacious, these are extremely peaceful and private. The Indian opulence is well stated in the contemporary blend and is evident as the suite is spruced up for high passion to live life king size. The aesthetics are rich warm and soothing with stunning effects. Live and entertain here with a regal flair.

Presidential Suite 20,000

Luxury is a notch higher here. The sheer vast expanse heightens the feeling of lavish charm. Indulge your senses to the state of art in room facilities earmarked to make you feel special. Discerning taste in décor and micro detailing in amenities like the extra lush bed.

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